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A True Artisan bakery with an old European Inspired flair.

Gourmanoff Bakery is passionate about creating high quality, deliciously healthy baked goods to satisfy a variety of tastes from the more sophisticated to that of a child eagerly waiting to bite into their favorite sweet, freshly baked treat.

Our highly skilled master chef adheres to the oldest and best European and international recipes which have been collected worldwide. We also incorporate fresh, local, organic and sustainable ingredients, ensuring that our customer’s enjoy only the best and tastiest ingredients. While we’re constantly improving and adding new recipes to our already impressive variety, we never lose sight of the traditions that have inspired what we create.

Like any good recipe, a partnership calls for the perfect combination and the harmony of the ingredients. At Gourmanoff Bakery, vision and a passion for creating unique and superior baked goods are the keys to our success. Each of our employees bring their own special talents to our team and insights when it comes to what they create, turning our bakery into a place that brings joy, inspiration and fresh bread to the New York community and beyond every day.

We offer multi layer cakes, full, half sheet cakes.

A wonderful accompaniment to birthday party, corporate events, wedding and baby shower. You can choose s cake flavor , icing, a design.

We provide freshly baked desserts for a variety of corporate functions, from breakfast meetings to birthday celebrations and employee recognition events. We offer a broad range of catering packages perfect for events big and small.  Our team can also work with you to create custom macarons, pastries, cupcakes and cakes with your company’s logo, individually boxed cupcakes with a custom tag or sticker, cookie packages with your company’s marketing message and much more.

Our team can make design and decoration fou your party.


1601 Gravesend Neck rd., Brooklyn, NY 11229

Tel. Office: 718 517 23 23